About Us

Birstonas is a unique Lithuanian resort settled among the loops of river Nemunas. The town is famous not only for its sanatoriums, long traditions of treatment, but also for its world-accepted mineral water, friendly hotels and restaurants, excellent outdoor activities and exclusive cultural events. It is an ideal location for recreation, health promotion and restoration of harmony, as well as other pleasant activities.

In 2006, the library was located in a new building, and the readers were invited to visit its new cosy spaces. Here, residents and visitors of Birstonas are provided with a rich fund of publications and modern informational and communication technologies.

The library is an active participant of the resort’s cultural life: it organises a variety of literary events and exhibitions, takes part in campaigns and implements projects meant for children and adults. Its goal is not only to expand the traditional services, but also to apply the new ones, which are innovative and interactive. The library is occupied with educational activities: it provides consulting in the usage of computer and the internet and it spreads the information about training sessions, educational systems, etc. From the year 2017 it is the coordinator of the Informal adult education and continuing studies in Birstonas.

We are a resort library therefore we relate our services with health promotion. Special attention is paid to reading and its healing power – bibliotherapy. This method combines literature, psychology and psychotherapy and thus, helps people to deal with stress, relax and alter their view of life and the environment. We share our wide range of experiences with our colleagues from Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia, Latvia, Turkey and the Netherlands. In 2013 we started a very successful cycle of bibliotherapy conferences entitled “Bibliotherapy. The power of book to cure and make you talk”.

Visitors are also invited to try other relaxing and soothing therapies, such as art, music, sand and knitting while listening to talking books.

Together with the resort’s community we implement a project named “Informed and active community: healthy way of living and a healthy heart”. This project’s aim is to encourage people of Birstonas to take care of their health, therefore we organise Nordic walking sessions. If needed, the library provides people with sticks for Nordic walking.

A significant amount of attention is paid to child and youth service. The young visitors willingly take part in meetings with writers, workshops and quizzes, which involve modern informational technologies, such as the smart board, tablets, readers, etc. Librarians themselves organise and hold innovative 3D printer workshops and exclusively popular robotics laboratories.

The little visitors of the library and their parents gather in the “Mother, baby and the book” club. Here we have meetings with psychologists, children’s writers and artists. We also participate in fairy-tale and massage therapy and have quality time together: we read, have discussions, play, create, we seek and we discover… In other words, we simply spend time with our children.

Already traditional readings, called “Summer with a book” also receive a lot of young readers’ attention. During events, we read together, talk about books we have already read and organise theatrical book presentations, quizzes and other activities. Readings help children to discover good texts, interesting books and to get to know themselves and others.

Our library is a cosy, functional and contemporary house of books, which is open for everyone. It offers not only traditional, informative and innovative services, but also provides the opportunity to relax, have a rest, spend one’s leisure time qualitatively and have some time for oneself and one’s hobbies. Let’s be friends!

Everyone is welcome to the Birstonas Public Library. Here You will get qualified hepl and staff attention.